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Trekking in Ladakh

Ladakh is surely the most adventurous travelling place in the world today. It has extensive possibilities of highland treks and challenging climbing. We at WAYMARK ADVENTURES offer trekking program's from five days to one month. One can make his choice, and trek in the valleys of Zanskar or Stok Kangri or Markha or Rupshu and many more trekking program's will be forwarded by us on request

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Markha Valley Trek
Tour code : WM - 1101
Duration of Tour : 20 Days
Duration of Trek : 10 Days
Best Season : June to October
Highest Point : Kongmaru - La ( 5030 mts.)
Nature of Trek : Moderate

Delhi - Spituk (trek begins) - Rumbak - Base Gandala ( 4700 Mts. )- Skio - Markha - Hankar - Nimaling - Kongmarula ( 5030 Mts. ) - Chogdo - Hemis (trek ends) - Leh- Delhi.

 Trekking in India, Rafting in India, Camping in India, Trekking Travel ItineraryThe trek begins after crossing the bridge on the Indus river below the Spituk Monastery involving trekking through very arid areas and enables to experience directly the life styles of the Ladakhi villagers who still practice ancient forms of Buddhism and lives within the shadow of the local Monastery. The trail crosses the high but gentle Ganda - la (4850 m) and descends to Markha Valley which commands a magnificent views of Kang Yaze/ Nimaling peaks. The next few days are spent following the Markha River upstream passing through under - populated villages until we climb to the high valley of Nimaling. After crossing Kngmaru -la, trek ends at Hemis - famous for its monastery which is headquarters of the Drupka (old Buddhist) order and administers monasteries throughout the whole of Ladakh. Optional - From Hankar trek through the pastures of Tachatchustse and arrive at the base of Kang Yatze. Leaving early morning Peak (6400m) can be climbed without any major difficulty and can return to the base camp. (Ice axe, Crampons required).

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Rushpu valley Trek
Tour code : WM - 1102
Duration of Tour : 25 Days
Duration of Trek : 16 Days
Best Season : July to October
Highest Point : Kazur - La ( 5350 mts.)
Nature of Trek : Strenuous

Delhi - Nalagarh - Manali - Keylong - Brandy Nallah (Trek starts) - Sokmickchick - Tombok - Marangla ( 5300 Mts ) - Tuzak - Yubok - Zara - Tsokar - Haramla ( 4900 Mts ) - Rojungkuru - Kazurla ( 5350 Mts ) - Gyame - Tsomorari (Trek ends) - Leh - Delhi.


Delhi - Nalagarh - Manali - Keylong - Brandy Nallah (Trek starts) - Sokmickchick - Tombok - Marangla ( 5300 Mts ) - Lun - Lungmo Che - Yarla ( 5000 Mts. ) - Dat - Sorra - Zalung Karpola ( 5200 Mts. ) - Langtang Chu ( 5150 Mts. ) - Latza Kongmaru - Shang - Hemis - Leh - Delhi.

ladakh adventure tours, ladakh adventure travel, ladakh trekking tours, ladakh cultural toursRushpu is a little - known land which has lately been opened to foreign visitors. Lying on the eastern margins of Ladakh, the area which is an extension of Tibet's Chang Tang plains, is predominantly high and dry desert land, dissected by numerous mountain ridges and traversed by a number of ancient trading routes. There are permanent settlements in the principal valleys Rushpu but majority of the inhabitants are nomadic Changpas of the Tibetan origin, who travel widely across the high steppes, totally reliant on their yak and sheep herds for subsistence. We drive to Manali and spend 2 days to Manali and Keylong which assists for acclimatization. Setting off our trek from Brandy Nallah for a wonderful trek with all together different landscapes involving high altitude trekking over Marangla. The trek passes through vast valleys, deep gorges and barren of high plateau of Chang Tang that spreads hundred of kilometers east to the province of Quinghal in China. Almost the entire route is above 4000m with lovely high meadow campsites, stunning scenery isolated villages and fascinating encounters with the hardy Changpa at their black tented encampments, makes this undoubtedly one of the best trek - only itineraries currently on offer in Ladakh. We conclude our trek in Tsomoriri Lake or climb to Tsomoriri Peak ( 6200 Mts. ) which requires additional 3 days including 1 day rest at Paldo (Tsomariri area).

Stok - Kangri Expedition : I Book this tour
Tour code : WM - 1103
Duration of Tour : 16 Days
Duration of Trek : 07 Days
Best Season : 15th June to October
Highest Point gained : Summit ( 6153 mts.)
Nature of Trek : Strenuous

Delhi - Leh - Spituk (trek starts) - Zinchan - Rumbak - Smankarmo - Base Camp - Summit - Stok(trek ends) - Leh - Agra - Delhi.

The elegant 6153 mts mountain is an ideal peak for amateur Himalayan Mountaineers. Trekkers with experience using crampons and ice axe find the ascent of Stok Kangri a challenging but attainable goal. Starting our trek from Spituk into arid and pastel canyons of the Rumbak Nala including several river crossing and climb towards the Stok - La (4850 m) assist us for a perfect acclimatization for climb of stok Kangri. After camps at Manakarmu a base camp is set at the altitude (5100 m) where the stark and eteral world of Kanglachen unfolds. Traversing snowslopes and an easy rocky ridge, our are simply breathtaking. After the summit we climb back valley and stok gorge. Return to Leh enroute visiting Stok Palace. This is wonderfully varied trip is perfectly suited to someone seeking their first Himalayan Summit.

Stok - Kangri Expedition II Book this tour
Tour code : WM - 1104
Duration of Tour : 30 Days
Duration of Trek : 21 Days
Best Season : End of June - September
Highest Point gained : Shingo ( 5100 mts.)

Delhi - Leh - Lamayuru (trek starts) - Prinkitila ( 3700 m ) - Wanla - Hanupatta - Sirsirla ( 4800 m ) - Photoksar - Senggela ( 5000 m ) - Lingshad - Hanumala ( 4570 m ) - Snertse - Purfila ( 3900 m ) - Hanumil - Pishu - Karsha - Padum - Mune - Surley - Purni - Phuktal - Kargyak - Lakong - Shingola ( 5100 m ) - Chumiknapko - Zanskar Sumdo - Palamo - Darcha - Manali - Delhi.

This classic trail is two treks combing into one. The first half is from Lamayuru to Padum and the second half from Padum - Darcha. Each half can be operated in either direction. This challenging trek passes through the Zanskar range of Mountains and the remote Kingdom of Zanskar. After flying in to Leh, we spend 3 days on a very necessary programme of acclimatization before setting off from Lamayuru Monastery. The beginning 2 days of the trek is more or less gentle and then starts getting more strenuous as the trail winds its way over the convoluted passes the second high test is of which is Sengge La. We now traverse a landscape where vast valleys and soaring Mountains dwarf the tiny villages. Still practising the ancient forms of Buddhism, the people of Zanskar are strong, hard working, cheerful, curious and generous by nature. After meeting the trail which runs parallel to the Zanskar River, finally meeting it just before the tiny village at Hanumil. it then follows a wide flat valley to Padum, the head quarters of Zanskar past Karsha Gompa, the largest in Zanskar. the easy second half of the trek from Padum continues south - east along the Tsarap River to the magnificent Gompa and Phuktal. We follow Tsarap river up to Lakong below Shingo La. the number of villages increasing with walk into the valley. The scenery is wild and magnificent with great cliffs of beautiful coloured rock flanking the valley. From here we take our pre arranged transport to lush green valley of Manali over Rohtang Pass.

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