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Garhwal & Kumaon Himalayas

Garhwal, a 448 Km expanse of the Himalayas is sandwiched between the Jammu & Kashmir Himalayas and Punjab Himalayas to the north and west and the source of Ganges. These Mountains have strong association with Hindu mythology and the religious shrines dating to centuries.

Mountaineering Safari in India, Trekking in India, Camping in India, Motorbike Safari Tours, Trekking in Ladakh While the entire population is Hindu by religion, conflicting sociological systems prevail within Garhwal. For example polyandry and polygramy coexist in the villages a few miles away on each other. Yet, to practice polyandry in a polygamous village is considered a sin by the latter!

Apart from their unique family set-ups, the people of Garhwal have a rich culture which manifests itself in colorful festivals. The Garhwalis have also bras hardy Mountaineers who provide very dependable an essential assistance to climbing and trekking expeditions to the area.

In Kumaon are situated some of the finest hill stations in not only India but in the world which combine the amusements and comforts of the modern hill resorts with easy access to the most magnificent natural surroundings.

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Nanda Devi Pilgrimage
Tour code  : WM 3001
Duration of tour : 21 days
Duration of trek : 13 days
Best Season : August-October
Highest Point : Base Nanda devi-4878 Mts.
Nature of Trek : Moderate

Delhi - Haridwar - Josimath - Lata (Trek starts) - Dharansi - Deodi - Ramni - Bhoj Ghera - Tilchuni - Nanada Devi Base - Tilchuni - Bhog Ghera - Deodi - Lata (trek ends) - Joshimath - Rishikesh - Delhi.

Situated in the eastern province of Garhwal and Kumaon, Nanda Devi "the goddess of joy" in the Hindu mythology, is the highest (at 7818m) and most sacred of all the peaks in the Indian Himalaya. Until very recently the peaks and the valleys of the adjacent Nanda Devi and Panch Chuli massifs were off-limits to the foreign travellers. However, with the opening up of the Gauri Ganga valley, we have been able to put together a fascinating itinerary in the Mountain stronghold.

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Roop Kund Trek
Tour code : WM 3002
Duration of Tour : 21 days
Duration of Trek : 12 days
Best Season : April to May and August to October
Highest Point : Roop Kund-4780 Mts.
Nature of Trek : Moderate

Delhi - Rishikesh - Gwaldam (trek starts) Deval - Lohjung - Didnia - Alibugyal - Patrnachauni - Baggubassa - Roop Kund - Bedni Bugyal - Lohjung - Brahntal - Ratgaon (trek ends) - Rishikesh - Delhi.

himalayan trekking tours india, himalayan travel packages, india package tours, holiday in indiaThe drive from Delhi to Rishikesh is delightful through rural India past green fields and orchards, visiting en-route Haridwar, one of the holiest towns of India. Thereafter we drive through Himalayan villages along river Alaknanda. The confluence of Alaknanda with river Bhagrathi at Deo Prayag is a picturesque site. Its here the name Ganga is given to the sacred river. We trek through the Himalayan villages, thick forests very rich in colorful bird and wild life and enchanting high altitude meadows. Certain points en-route offer breathtaking views of mighty Himalayas peaks including the majestic Nanda devi and Trisul. The Roop kund lake is located at 4780 mts. and bones of the people believed to be 300 years old were found buried near this mystic lake and some of them can still be seen if one wishes to, by digging the snows around the Lake.

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